Warsaw based
yoga brand.

Fashion + Yoga

Commitment is a combination of two inspiring worlds: Fashion and Yoga. Seemingly separate, yet in our collections always INTERTWINED. What inspires us in fashion is its cyclical nature, and in yoga – the state of constancy. Like in Yin and Yang concept: everything is CONSTANT and CYCLICAL at the same time. We design sports fashion intended both for the gym and casual everyday use. Leggings to be worn on the mat or paired with a jacket; a top perfect for both business and gym contexts. Sensual and practical.


Retro + Eastern Europe

There is a certain nostalgia inherent in Commitment. We like the nonchalant elegance associated with the sports disciplines of the decades long gone. Idealising it a bit, we invoke the most pleasant memories from our childhood or stories told by our parents and grandparents. We come from Eastern Europe, so our past is marked by considerable aesthetic restraint, whereby the only beauty canon was … the single beauty canon available. Whether we want it or not, this AESTHETIC DISCIPLINE is rooted in us. We have tamed and named it: A BEAUTIFUL ORDER. We seek inspiration in the spectacular sports symbolism of the former Eastern Bloc countries. School Olympics, sports parades, rhythmic gymnastics. Although striking a sentimental note, we transfer our cultural codes into the world of wellbeing/yoga in a playful and not overly serious manner. We search for analogies between discipline and ritual.


Local + Sustainable

Commitment is made 100% in Europe: from design to production. It is our commitment that we will never break. We create long-lasting fashion for our customers. We care for quality and fair price. Where possible, we go for natural and ecological options.


Aesthetic Empowerment

Surrounding oneself with beautiful things is not a sign of vanity or luxury. In Commitment, we believe in the inspiring power of beauty. An aesthetic experience is a positive state and a blessing for our senses. When combined with yoga, beauty becomes a source of harmony, order, and calmness. As a result, it boosts our creative energy and leads us into the state of creative thinking.


Commitment Team.