Commitment is a blend of two inspiring worlds: Fashion and Yoga. These seemingly disparate concepts are always interlaced in our collections. We are driven by the cyclical nature of fashion and the state of permanence and balance represented by yoga. Alike to Yin and Yang, everything is at the same time constant and periodic. We design sportswear intended both for the gym and everyday use – leggings that may be stretched on the mat or paired with a casual jacket, a top perfect for business or exercise. Sensual and practical.

There is an element of nostalgia in the ethos of Commitment. We reminisce about the nonchalant elegance of sports disciplines of time gone by. Idealising it a bit, we seek the most pleasing memories from our childhood, stories told by our parents and grandparents. On account of being Eastern European, our past is marked by considerable aesthetic restraint; a scene of strict beauty standards in which nothing but the norm was accepted. Whether we like it or not, this aesthetic discipline is rooted within us. We assimilated to it and gave it a name: beautiful order. We search for inspiration in the spectacular sports symbolism of the former Eastern Bloc; school Olympics, sports parades, gymnastics. With a note of sentiment, reserve, and playfulness, we transmit our local cultural codes into the world of well-being/yoga. We look for analogies between regime and ritual.

Commitment is produced entirely in Europe: from design to production. It is a commitment we will never break. We create long-lasting fashion for our customers, and care for quality and fair prices. Wherever possible, we choose natural and ecological solutions.

Surrounding oneself with beautiful things is not a sign of vanity or excess. In Commitment, we believe in the vitalising power of beauty. An aesthetic encounter is an effective experience that blesses our senses. When combined with yoga, beauty becomes a source of harmony, stability, and calmness. As a result, it boosts our imaginative energy which pushes us toward the state of creativity.